About Us

Our Mission is to help people around the world to become healthier, more active and happier with their bodies. Providing high-quality gym equipment, which can be used anytime and anywhere, we want our customers to feel comfortable and confident while achieving great results.

What is our goal

Optimize the exercise time during training, activating and keeping maximum tension on the muscles that are being exercised. Helping people to get quicker results.

What result will PremiumFitt create for you?

Our customers become healthier, more active and happier with their bodies.

How does our company create that result?

Providing you with high quality and comfortable clothing to make you feel confident and comfortable during your work out.

Providing you with good quality equipment to optimize your training; our equipment is easy to use and carry, can be used at home, at the gym or outdoors, and can also be used with or without a professional instructor.

Who does our company serve?

Why do we do what we do?

We believe that being fit and happy with our body contribute also to our mental health and to our success in the other areas of our life. Being in touch with people that also care about themselves, provide a high quality and good looking tools for their training also make us feel successful and fulfilled.

Why should customers choose our company?

PremiumFitt has the ability to combine good looking products with high quality; our team do the best research and run a careful quality test on our products before displaying it to our customers. All our effort is to make our customers come back to us for their next purchase, recommend our products to their family and friends and most importantly, to be assured that our customer is satisfied with the product acquired.



1. Use a mirror

Using a mirror is very important to maintain good alignment. You will notice a lot of strength and flexibility imbalances by monitoring your form in the mirror.

2. Pick the right resistance band for your exercise

Muscle failure is always the goal with resistance training. If you’re not reaching muscle failure between 8 and 10 slow reps, then you need to adjust resistance.

3. Adjust your resistance band as needed

The shorter the band, the higher the resistance. Therefore, putting both feet on the band in a square stance increases the resistance level.

4. Breathe properly

When you exercise your hearts beats faster and your working muscles require much more oxygen; your brain senses this need and instructs the respiratory system to fulfil it, so you start breathing quicker as a result. Controlling your breath allows your body to keep you calm and alert throughout your workout so you can actively engage all your muscles. It might even give you the ability to lift more.

It might help you to also produce less carbon dioxide and improve blood circulation, maximizing your workout and fitness level. Example: During Squats, inhale just before you begin to lower down, and exhale as you go back to the starting position.


Designed to make you feel more confident and stronger, our products are carefully chosen and tested before being displayed to our customers.


We look forward to delivering you breathable and comfortable clothing and equipment to make your training even better.
Our female tops are sustainable and the leggings are high waisted so you bend, flex and move around freely.
Our resistance bands are non-slip, non-roll, thick and flexible. You can choose between three intensity levels, having more flexibility in your training and increasing your strength.


Using comfortable and high-quality tools during your training is important to keep your focus on your workout and achieve better results.

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